Baby Diaper Cake Gift for a Baby Girl

Baby Diaper CakeThis Pink 3-Tier Baby Diaper Cake is as beautiful as it looks. Remarkably large at 32 inches tall, this impressively arranged and decorated diaper cake comes filled with every baby essential required to keep your baby secure, clean and fresh.

It is delivered wonderfully gift wrapped in cellophane and of course with a ribbon. Blissful Living will also include your warm greeting message on an appropriate gift-card free of charge.

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Gift for a New Mom

Baby Bottle BagBy the look of it the bag is enticing enough to the eyes of mothers with babies. Babies are demanding little creatures and therefore the essentials needed to keep them comfortable are quite a handful. The Munchkin Wrap Bottle Bag is the solution for every young mother. This is just perfect for a Christmas gift for a new mom! Mom needs the bag whenever she goes out and brings the baby with her.

It is designed to hold several bottles and accessories. It includes removable gel packs and has a detachable strap that attaches the bag to a stroller. It is a practical and thoughtful gift for new parents.

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Perfect New Baby Gift


This personalized Angel Wings Baby Tee is just the cutest thing for your new baby.  Look at those gorgeous wings on the back!

This unique gift is from Heaven Sent© at and is delicately stamped from heaven, custom personalized with their first name on the front.

Each tee comes complete with adorable venise lace angel wings appliquéd on the back of the tee, accented with a personalizedangeltiny pink or blue bow in the center.  They come in pink or blue tee for baby angels aged 6-12 months.

100% cotton, and machine washable.

What a lovely gift to buy for the parents of a new baby.

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Development Baby Mat, New Mom’s Gift

SupermatTiny Love has its own way of granting mother’s gift wishes for their babies. Help your baby develop even when he is playing on his mat. Most parents do not know how colors and shapes on a mat can trigger brain activity in babies and thus hasten development. But those who already know this little know secret usually make sure that their baby is enjoying a day on an extra large blanket that can be shared with a family. So the whole family an enjoy their day on the park for the Super Mat can be easily folded and can be washed easily with water.
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