Light Show Party Gifts

Underwater Light ShowMake your pool parties more enticing with colors with the Underwater Light Show. The multi-colored exhibit changes based on the 5 controlled sequences. It illuminates the whole pool, room or area and boasts a display of colors that you would not expect from this simple gadget. So, who says that it is only good for pools? You can also use it illuminate a dark room and it will display such magnificent colors making your parties more vibrant and lively.
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Bachelorrette Dare Dice Gift

Bachelorette Drink or DareLet…the…wild…night…roll with this chic Dare Dice for only less than $US 10. Rolling the dare dice first should start fun on your Bachelorrette party. Of course, you should make sure that gifts are opened so to enjoy the Dare Dice. On the bachelorrette’s turn, she needs to read the instruction that matches with the bachelorrette’s roll in order, start from the darkest to the lightest and then the fun begins when the bachelorrette need to decide- either to take the drink or act it out. All the girls in the party has her turn to roll the dice and if the player do not do anything then she is out of the game and the last player is the winner.

In most cases the prizes is not of importance but the fun of being together and bidding a lady friend good bye to single hood.

This is not a sponsored post.