Graduate Gifts 2010

The Graduate in your family is probably floating on air right now. Brimming with pride of finally completing a long college degree and looking forward to the future and the big wide world. This gorgeous photo frame from Things Remembered will help ensure his or her feet are not going to touch the ground any time soon. With a cool, stacked 2010 icon capturing the moment, and a star the top center indicating a bright future ahead.

Inside the fame, the photo appears to float between two panes of glass. Finish it off with a personalized, engraved message to soar their spirits even higher.

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Tear Bottle for Any Occasion

Tear BottleThis beautiful and small glass bottles is used to represent deep emotion. It is a personal and unique gift choice for meaningful occasions. The saga of the tear bottles is moving and captivating. The legend of lachrymatories is plentiful in stories and myth of middle eastern and Egypt societies. They were widespread in early Roman times, when the family of the dead fill the small glass with tears and put them in tombs as a sign of respect and love. But tear bottles today symbolizes love and joy for others. It is also an apt gift for any rite of passage or any celebration.

This is not a sponsored post.