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Gift for Kids, Remote Control Moon

Bring the loveliness of the moon into your home and to your bedroom ceiling with this Remote Control, Authentic Model Moon. You can now sleep under the 12 True-to-Life Lunar phases that laminate your room as it gets dark. Change the angle according to your choice. The Moon is really a beautiful creation but staying …

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Lady Goes Gaga Over Polaroid

The Polaroid Pic-300 is an analogue camera, not digital, BUT it has a cool up-to-date design, thanks to Lady Gaga being the new Creative Designer at Polaroid. It has no USB wires, nor ink or photo paper to worry about, no waiting time to download images, and most importantly; no accidental deletions or friends deleting …

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Brother’s Flying Lantern Gift

The Flying Lantern was invented by the Chinese over 2000 years ago. Now, they are used in the Far East during celebrations and festivals. But why travel half way around the globe to witness this wonderful creation, when you can do so right in your front yard? You could watch them fly while holding hands …

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Give the Sweetest Thank You Gift

Sweet. Beautiful. Delicious. Let these be your way of saying thank you. These fanciful confections are both beautiful and delicious. They are specifically hand decorated with three layers of luscious butter cream filling. Choose among six different flavors from hazelnut praline, raspberry, vanilla-orange, apricot and lemon in your 24 sets of mini cakes. Chocolate ganache …

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