People really appreciate when they have received something special from their loved ones. When you buy someone something they can relate to, they will love it all the more. It also shows that you have imagination! Below are examples of some great unusual gift ideas to get you started.

Online Scrapbooking

Why not get your loved one to do some social networking and scrapboooking at the same time? is an online community similar to a blog, and lets you upload photos and memories that can later be professionally printed and bound as a MemoryBook.
SharedBook now has over twenty-five books for life events, such as special birthdays, births, family reunions, sports, vacations and more. Prices range from $27 to $49 and makes a fabulous gift idea for parents, grandparents or siblings.

Magazine Subscription Gift Certificate

Giftscriptions is a popular magazine subscription gift certificate that lets the recipient to choose from among 50 great magazine titles. You give an appropriately packaged box to your loved one, that contains a colorful booklet showcasing the Giftscriptions Premium Collection of magazine titles, and a gift certificate for the magazine subscription. The recipient simply enters their title choice on the certificate and returns it in the included pre-paid envelope, or online, and their first magazine issue will arrive soon afterward.

At less than $20, Giftscriptions is a great bargain whose magazine titles cover a wide range of interests. – from lifestyle, health, sports, fashion, news and parenting, to cooking, celebrity, business and personal finance. Some of the popular magazine titles include: O, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, The Oprah Magazine, The New Yorker, Glamour, People, Men’s Health, TIME, Good Housekeeping, Essence, Family Circle. Sports Illustrated, Real Simple, Nick Magazine, Details, Entertainment Weekly, In Style, Golf Magazine. Giftscriptions is available at

Realistic Pet


Know someone who would love a pet, but for a variety of reasons, can’t have one? offers the perfect solution!

These sleeping puppies and cats actually ‘breathe’ and the pets’ coats are made from very realistic synthetic fur. They male a great gift for children or adults. In fact if you buy this for an older person with hypertension, they will find that stroking one can lower blood pressure, just like a real pet!

There are comments on the website from a wide range of happy customers, from children who got one to demonstrate to their parents that they are responsible enough to look after a real pet, to students who are unable to keep real pets in their accommodation, to elderly people who have lost a pet and are not yet ready to have another real one.

You purchase includes:
Your chosen Pet
Adoption Certificate
Collar with Pet Tag
Pet carrier
Pet bed
1 ‘D’ Alkaline battery

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